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Thank you for choosing me as your source for 'Living Clay' products. As a customer and member of my Newsletter group you will receive a FREE monthly newsletter and Friday 'Clay Factoids' with clay info and your group order link for greatest savings on all 'Living Clay' products every month; including FREE U.S. shipping and discounted international shipping on product orders of only $50!

This allows you to order when you want, not when there is a sale as I do not run specials on my website every month and even if I do the newsletter group order link prices are lower! Use the link below to order or you can always call me if you need assistance. Methods of payment are credit or debit cards, paypal account, some bank drafts , paypal credit for extended terms, and I also accept money orders or cashiers checks if you prefer to mail your payment to me. 

Detox Clay Powder, ,, Soap, Moisturizers and Cleansers, , Perry A~'s book- Calcium Bentonite Clay- Natures Pathway to Healing, 'How to Kick Start your Day with Calcium Bentonite Clay Instructions Manual by Perry A~ (FREE Download) and I even have Gift Certificates that you can purchase and allow someone to choose what they want...

My latest addition to my line of products is 'Simplers Botanicals' essential oils. They are similar to 'Living Clay' products in that they are, 'simply the best'. I offer different essential oils and their pro-grade diffuser and plan on adding more of their products in time and I do take special orders on any of their products that you can check out on their website and then let me know....  

I have also added 'Life-Flo' Face cream and Body Lotion. All natural Retinol A-1% Face Cream and Magnesium Body Lotion. Their products are of high quality and all natural ingredients. You can also check out their other products at and I can also special order them for you as I do the Simpler Botanicals products... 


I launched my website in 2005 with the intent to provide the finest quality clay products to help others with their many overall health benefits as they have helped me. I have received multiple benefits from using clay for rashes, herniated disc, sore muscles, insect bites, and a much better overall health including more energy and less frequent sickness.... One of the biggest benefits has been with my long history of approx 30 + years and back problems and seeing chiropractors regularly. Using clay internally, externally, and with clay baths I have not seen my chiropractor for over 8 years now and , at 65, I am still active and play tennis at a high level at least three times a week. I used to be 'out of commission' off and on several times a year for days at a time with much pain until the chiropractor could get me straight again... since using clay regularly... I have been able to stay active as I had feared I would not ever be able to do after such a long history of back problems... Frequent doctor visits with sinus infections and catching anything and everything have also almost completely stopped! Yes, I still occasionally get sick and my back occasionally feels strained but I just up my clay dosage and frequency and am able to get back to a good state... Instead of doctors every few months or more I have probably been maybe once every few years, if that often.... Daily clay usage has been a life-changer for me!

I strive to maintain excellent customer service by responding to emails and orders the same day received and shipping as soon as possible. I do confirm all orders with an 'Order Received' email with any questions I might have regarding your order. I also send an 'Order Shipped' email with an estimated deliver date and even set up email notifications from shipper to you so you will know when to expect your order. Your cooperation is appreciated in checking and replying to my emails and will help in shipping your order accurately and promptly. You may also email me your phone number , if you wish, for contacting you should I need to and not be able to reach you by email. I will not use it to solicit, only should I need to contact you.... 

Want to 'spread the word' to others ? Want to save them and yourself $ ?
Simply have anyone you refer to my site that orders to tell me that you referred them...
They will be issued a 5% refund of their product total when I process their order and you will have a 5% credit balance that I can refund on your next order: NO Expiration date! There are no limits to how many you refer or how much you can earn... It is a WIN, WIN, WIN program as I receive a new customer, the new customer receives a refund and you receive a credit balance! 


You have taken the first and most important step to benefit your overall health in using the finest clay products available. My Newsletter and Friday 'Clay Factoids' will have some clay info, tips and testimonials and I am available by phone or email should you have questions but I also urge you to do your own research and learn about the many uses and benefits of the clay products. Sharing with others is one great way we can all help each other so please do send me any tips or testimonials you have. 

I highly recommend Perry A~'s book, 'Calcium Bentonite Clay' Natures Pathway to Healing which is loaded with clay history, testimonials and protocol for many ailments from a to z. I refer to it daily and it is available on my website. My website also has some clay information and testimonials , one of the best 'clicks ' being the 'free product information downloads' which takes you to a page with mixing instructions, chemical composition, how the clay works, facials and body wraps and other useful clay info... check it out. Perry A~ has also established an excellent clay info website (link in next section) which has many articles , testimonials, recorded webinars and more.... It is the best clay info site and will surely educate you and answer many of your questions... She does everything she does to help others and is also available on the discussion group through her site, clay webinars and even by email or phone... I encourage you to click on the link in the next section and check it out..



Perry A~ has retired but is still providing all of her professional services to educate anyone interested in clay and its many uses and benefits. She has established the FREE educational website 

and still offers free consultations , webinars and is personally paying for all the costs associated with them. Check out her click on 'contributions' on the clay info site with her personal message and your chance to help her with a one-time donation or a monthly recurring donation.. I did and encourage you to do the same, if so inclined.. we do want and need her to continue ... 

'VISUALIZING' the clay helping achieve and maintain your good health...

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Mail @ 3208 Seaboard Midland, TX 79705

Paul @ NCC





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